When a Metal Ring is placed under pressure, it won't give. That means your finger will have to. Wild Rings are different. They're tough, they're not going to break easily, but when placed under pressure the silicone band will break so that your finger doesn't.


So Comfortable & Lightweight you'll forget you're wearing it. Wild Rings adapt to your hand's movement & allow you to engage in all the things you like to do where your traditional wedding band poses a restriction.


Wild Rings were designed to be the perfect blend of Style, Strength & Functionality. Whether you lead an active lifestyle or your daily job requires you to work with your hands, these are the perfect rings for you.

Your Lifestyle Is Flexible, Your Ring Should Be Too

Our guess is, because you're so Wild, Rugged & Tough, you sometimes find yourself participating in activities that are a little less gentle on you hands. For this reason we have our developed our Functional Silicone Wedding Rings as an alternative to your normal metal band. 

 Now you can show your commitment without the risk of injuring your finger or damaging your metal wedding ring.

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